Fiber Facts

Our Fiber Arts Studio offers a line of exotic fibers from Louet, Ashland Bay, Ashford and Colorado farms including Yak, Cashmere, Camel, Silk, Angora and the very rare Guanaco. We also have Baby Alpaca, Baby Suri Alpaca in natural and dyed colors, plus Llama in natural colors. These fibers are of exceptional quality and softness.

Guanacos are a protected species since their wonderful fiber is often desired by poachers. The fiber is surprisingly easy to spin. Because of the rarity this fiber can sell for $30.00oz.

Mongolian Cashmere Top is more expensive than other inferior cashmeres, but is a truly exceptional and rare product. Offered in Cream & Brown.

Yak in Brown, Grey and White. Many hand spinners are afraid of yak wool’s short staple length in that it is only approximately one inch long. But because yak wool has great crimp and is not slippery, it is actually quite easy to spin. It makes a terrific lofty, woolen spun yarn.

Angora is slippery and often blended with wool but is beautiful fiber. Offered in White.

Camel has a fiber structure similar to cashmere and becoming more popular every year. Natural and blended with either silk or Merino.

Baby Alpaca and Baby Suri Alpaca in natural and dyed colors.

Llama like alpaca is a hollow fiber so it is warmer than wool of the same weight.

Silk makes a very strong and lustrous yarn with wonderful drape. Silk is very receptive to dyes and will retain its luster after dyeing.