Natural Dye and Mordant Instructions

The colorful world of natural dye extracts, together with the mordants and dye assists which enable them to attain satisfactory levels of lightfastness, washfastness and colorfastness are now available to you.

The following dye instruction pages provide guidance in many categories:

  • The name of the dye
  • Its Latin name
  • The general description of the color range available for the dye
  • Notes specific to use of the dye and the average strike rate (the time it takes for fiber to take up the dye) for each dye

The DyeWorks is constantly researching, upgrading and sharing test results. Please share with us any information that will help improve our website.

Choose and learn about as many dyes as you wish. We hope you will explore, experience and enjoy The DyeWorks’ natural dyes. Let us know how we may serve your artistic quest.