About Table Rock Llamas

About Table Rock LlamasSome 20 years ago a couple, Ray and Valerie, decided to purchase some rural property on the eastern plains of Southern Colorado called Table Rock. Ray’s sister, Barbara, owned several sheep and wanted to part ways with them. Ray and Valerie decided to take in the sheep and as the story goes, the sheep multiplied and Ray and Valerie found themselves in the sheep raising business. They thoroughly enjoyed the business of raising sheep and built a successful operation.

Meanwhile Kris, Ray’s sister and a Llama enthusiast, suggested they use Llamas to protect the sheep from predators, so Valerie bought one. Valerie cared for the llama and it gave Kris a reason to visit her brother and sister-in-law. Valerie and Kris grew very fond of the llama so they decided to sell the sheep and buy more llamas. Like the sheep, the llamas multiplied and they found themselves in the llama business.

About Table Rock LlamasThe ladies decided to name the business after the area they lived in. Thus begins what has become Table Rock Llamas. Over the past 10 years the business has evolved from showing their llamas at agricultural shows to processing their wool and selling the raw material. The success of their shows and quality products has spawned the opening of The Table Rock Llamas Fiber Arts Studio, located in Black Forest, Colorado just north of Colorado Springs.

Table Rock Llamas Fiber Arts Studios offers a wide variety of products and services for fabric production and workshops for artists of all skill levels.